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March 30, 2017

On a budget

"I already spend money on fertilizer, flowers, shrubs, lawn service, etc.... it all adds up, why should I add mosquito treatment to my spending?" You might ask yourself...

That is a great question and we totally get it. It all adds up... In my day to day activities, I always weigh out what is more important where I should spend the money when I am on a budget. For me, it is more important to know that we're not being eaten up by mosquitoes than for example having flower pots in the backyard. We also cut back on fertilizing the lawn for two years, that right there is a mosquito treatment for a year. 
The other advantage in using Mosquito One is that you can sign up in the fall for the upcoming season and receive a discount (keep that in mind for the 2018 season). That way your mosquito treatment spendings won't come in the spring when all the other garden costs occur.  
If you decide to get your mosquito treatment with us, we will take care of you and you will enjoy your backyard like never before. The family dinner outdoors will be mosquito free and the kids will have a blast splashing in the pool without coming inside covered in red bumps and complaining about how itchy their skin feels. And most importantly, you will have the peace of mind that your family and friends won't catch any of the diseases that mosquitoes can carry.

With this note, we hope we have helped you look at some options to make room in your budget for mosquito treatment.

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